DIY Dog Wash | Austin and Bee Cave, TX

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At Healthy Pet, we have DIY dog washes at each of our locations! They are available on a first come, first served basis and no appointment is necessary. Dogs 30 lbs and under are $12, while dogs over 30 lbs are $15. Fussy dog? No problem! Our dog washes don’t come with a time limit, so take as long as you need.

Each dog wash station is enclosed for privacy and safety. Worried that Harry is a Houdini? Each tub has adjustable grooming tether loops to keep your dog securely inside the tub. No need to lift large dogs or pups with mobility issues as each dog wash features a ramp and sliding entry panel, allowing for easy access for all dogs. Each dog wash has an additional grate that fits across the width of the tub to elevate smaller dogs, so you won’t have to bend over and leave with a backache. We have fully adjustable hot and cold water settings and a nozzle with a pressure-sensitive handle.

Everything you need to wash your dog at our DIY dog washes is provided: TropiClean shampoos and conditioners in a variety of scents for various concerns; KONG ZoomGroom™ for more effective shampooing; Furminator products for de-shedding; Nootie Daily Spritz for softer coats; Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray to eliminate pests without harsh chemicals; TropiClean Oral Care Gel for fresher breath; TropiClean Ear Cleaner to dissolve ear wax and eliminate ear odor; and fresh, clean towels. We also provide SportMix dog treats to entice your dog to behave (or to reward him when he has).

When you’re ready to dry your dog, use our no-heat forced air system, which is safe and effective without adding unnecessary heat (cause it’s hot enough in Texas, y’all). When you’re finished, no need to clean up. Simply leave the brushes, towels and fur in the dog wash tub and we’ll take care of the rest.

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