A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

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Trevor MacKellar and Chris Jabbori opened the first Healthy Pet location in Austin, Texas, at the Shops at Arbor Trails, in June of 2012. The duo has worked tirelessly to make each Healthy Pet location so much more than a simple pet supply shop. Healthy Pet aspires to be a resource for the community, whether it’s by hosting an animal adoption event or by educating pet owners about the best nutrition for their pets.

Healthy Pet offers a wide selection of premium pet products at various price points, specializing in holistic and all-natural pet foods. Healthy Pet is continuously researching and stocking only premium-quality products that the staff would give to their own pets. All three Healthy Pet locations boast Do-It-Yourself Dog Washes, so customers can enjoy clean pets without making a mess at home. 

Grateful for the warm Texas welcome for the first three locations, Healthy Pet is proud to announce its fourth location, Healthy Pet Galleria, is set to open in Bee Cave in January 2020.  From Arbor Trails and Lakeline Mall to downtown Austin and, now, the Galleria, Healthy Pet is happy to call Texas Hill Country its newest home.  

about page



Trevor has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a no-quit work ethic. He got his start in the pet industry at just 16 years old, working at a pet store in his home state of Michigan. He started out sweeping floors but quickly rose through the ranks to manager, honing his customer service skills and pet knowledge along the way. When faced with the opportunity in 2012 to open his first store in Austin, Texas, with his business partner, Chris, he jumped at the opportunity. Whether he’s educating customers on the importance of diet for a pet’s health--one of his favorite parts of the job--or overseeing one of the many events Healthy Pet hosts, Trevor has completely immersed himself and Healthy Pet in the Austin community. An extension of that community includes the Healthy Pet employees. Trevor loves that Healthy Pet is able to offer many young adults their first jobs, teaching them life-long skills regardless of where their career paths may lead; he finds it equally as rewarding to cultivate a positive work experience for long-term employees, some of whom have been with him since the beginning.


While he would like to think most people remember him for his great customer service and extensive pet nutrition knowledge, he knows he’s mostly famous for being Biggie’s dad. While he moved to Austin with Biggie in tow, Trevor has added to his pack since his arrival. Christybeth, daughters Hadley and Harper, cat Little Dipper and Golden Retriever Gibson now make Austin home for Trevor.

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Chris has been an entrepreneur his entire life working in various industries. When businesses all over Michigan (where Chris and Trevor were born and raised) were hurting because of the economic downturn, Chris noticed that the pet store that Trevor managed was doing better than ever. Chris’ business sense and Trevor’s long-standing passion for the pet industry quickly merged and a Healthy Pet partnership emerged.

With Biggie entering his golden years of retirement, Chris's dog Pacino has stepped in as Healthy Pet's top-notch treat and toy tester. 

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Our Philosophy

Healthy Pet subscribes to a fundamental philosophy: do what's right.  This basic mantra sounds simple, but it extends to every area of the business's evolution. Do what's right for the world by giving back to charitable organizations, rescue groups and animal shelters.  Do what's right for the community by supporting the neighborhoods that have so generously and wholly welcomed Healthy Pet as their own pet shop.  Do what's right for employees by constantly offering education on pet health and products, so that they may provide exceptional service to all who shop at Healthy Pet. Do what's right for customers by carrying only top-quality, all-natural and holistic pet food and supplies that we'd give to our own healthy pets.