Healthy Pet Offers CBD Products for Your Pets

Like their owners, pets express their feelings

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CBD oil-infused products offer pet owners another way to nurture

What can be done for stressed animals?

Unexpected changes startle and worry pets, usually unecessarily

For years, Austin’s pet owners have relied on the advice and tools our stores have provided. Your pets get stressed for a variety of reasons: thunderstorms, doorbells, trips to the veterinarian, sirens, or unexpected changes in air pressure. Try as we might, we can’t make them understand that the storm will eventually pass and most visitors are welcomed guests. Their nature is territorial and protective and we love them for it, but invasions into their routine cause pets stress.

Healthy Pet has products to relieve stress, from toys to treats to good advice

When we can predict these stressors, there is no reason pets need to become agitated. For instance, we know that New Year’s Eve will bring a flurry of bangs, pops, and whistles, and some pets will want to hide or cower. Visit a Healthy Pet store and consult with our knowledgeable staff about our selection of CBD products you could use.

How can I make them feel better?

We feel sorry for our pets when they’re hurting and we want to help

Leaping and charging around your home or the park at breakneck speeds, taking risks few humans would dare, occasionally leads to injury. Old age and genetic disposition also lead to aches and pains. Fortunately, pets don’t remember being young and spry like their owners do, but nor do they have an awareness that relief is possible.

Healthy Pet offers several products that address pain

While we can’t make a claim about the effectiveness of CBD on pain relief, we can make an observation: pet owners who buy CBD products enjoy seeing pets more active, engaged, seemingly younger, and more lively. Your pets are always welcome in-store to sniff the packaging and choose which flavors appeal to them most. Meanwhile, you can visit with our staff to learn more about what each brand touts--from all-natural ingredients to their charitable giving. We are as proud of our in-store, CBD product selection and the brands we carry as you are of your fur baby!

How can I learn more about CBD and its benefits for my pets?

Healthy Pet loves advising owners and meeting their pets in-store

Curated with their ease and contentment in mind, Healthy Pet is excited to offer your pet Austin’s best selection of CBD products from no fewer than six, trusted brands.

You can peruse our CBD selection in-store or chat on the phone with our knowledgeable staff about products for your pet

CBD products are only offered in the store or ordered over the phone, not through our website, so next time you order for pickup, bring the leash, come in and plan ahead to make the events you enjoy most enjoyable for the pets too.


The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from veterinarians. Please consult your veterinarians about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product on your pets.