In your dashboard, you can do the following:

Skip an Order

Cancel a subscription

Renew or resume

Change Delivery Frequency

Change shipments


How to access your subscriptions

We're so glad to have this feature as part of our renowned customer service, and it should never replace the joy you feel when coming into one of our locations.

We've made it convenient to keep your go-to items coming to you. As with all subscriptions, there are times when we know we need to adjust frequency, payment method, or delivery instructions. This is your guide.

Your invitation to manage your subscriptions can be found in your subscription order confirmation and easily found in your account settings by logging in.

The account access is shown in the top right corner of your desktop view by pressing the profile icon. Here, select the "need help accessing your account" button.

For mobile users, open the menu and above the social media icons select the "Log in" option.

You will then create a password to be able to access you Subscription management page.

Note: You will need to log in as a customer to change your subscription details.

Change a Subscription

Once logged in, you'll be at you Account page. Below the accounts details with your name and address, press the 'Manage Subscriptions' link. On this page, you will see see a new menu allowing you to access your subscription and payment details.

Step 1: Click on the “Subscriptions” tab and any subscribed item you want changed.

Step 2: Click on the tabs to have the detail(s) you would like changed.

Note: Changes made today will reflect at the store level the following day. If your subscription is set to ship today, please contact the store directly to make an immediate change.

Step 3: After inputting the updated info, save it and the item will update.

Step 4: Your past orders will be kept in the system, so you can always restart an automatic subscription when you need to.

You trust Healthy Pet to have consistent options in our stores, and we love being able to offer you consistent deliveries. Don't forget that we regularly offer monthly promotions and are constantly testing new products. Come say hello and see what's new!