Zymox Brushless Enzymatic Breath Freshner 4 fl oz

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Veterinarian recommended. Oratene® Brushless Breath Freshener Keep pet’s teeth and gums clean and fresh. Oratene Breath Freshener delivers a gentle mist of the patented LP3 Enzyme System. Oratene is based on 40 years of advanced enzyme technology and is the most complete, natural multi-complex enzyme system available to support normal periodontal health. Recommended for all pets in need of gentle, non-drying everyday oral care. Does not contain xylitol, alcohol, chlorhexidine, dyes, or detergent. Averages 900 pumps per bottle.

  • Brushless breath freshener that can be sprayed directly onto pet's teeth, gums and inside cheeks as needed.
  • Promotes periodontal health with clean teeth and fresh breath.
  • Non-irritating. Non-drying.
  • Safe for dogs and cats. Xylitol free. Contains no chlorhexidine, alcohols, detergents, or dyes.
  • Cruelty free. Manufactured in a USA FDA-approved GMP facility.