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Wondercide All Ears Treatment

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You don't need a prescription for this natural ear mites treatment for dogs and cats, yet this formula is an extremely effective remedy for ear mites and ear infections. Natural Ear Mite & Infection Treatment can be used on adult pets, puppies, kittens, and nursing mothers. It’s also a natural prevention for dog ear infection and cat ear infections. If you've noticed black spots in the ears or excessive scratching and head shaking, this do-it-yourself treatment will wipe out those tiny organisms that live in the ear canal, causing pain for dogs, cats, and other animals. Don’t ignore ear mites or signs of ear infection. Protect your pet's health and hearing today. 


To prevent ear mites in dogs & cats, place a few drops in each ear once a week after cleaning. To treat a dog or cat ear infection, place a few drops in each ear once a day for five to seven days, and repeat as needed.


Purified Water, Organic Oils of Neem, Lavender, Cedar & Lemongrass, Natural Emulsifier Made of Plant Materials