Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Pump

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Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound & Skin Care Treatment is a non-toxic and non-irritating spray that helps soothe your pet's cuts, sores and skin irritations. Designed to be safe for your furbaby, it doesn't contain steroids, antibiotics, alcohols, iodine or tea tree oil, which makes it safe for a wide range of animals with even the most sensitive systems. Best of all, this cost-effective treatment is also formulated at an appropriate pH level that will not burn or sting your precious pet. It’s a safe and effective solution for caring for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scratches, hot spots, skin rashes, burns, abscesses, sores and post-surgical sites.

Key Benefits:

  • This cost-effective solution can be used to help promote healing by cleaning your pet’s cuts, scrapes, hot spots, and more.
  • Provides itch and pain relief for symptoms of allergies, such as dry, sensitive, or itchy skin.
  • Pet-safe formula won't sting or irritate your pet when applied.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic, it can be used on all animal species—it's even safe if licked or accidentally ingested.
  • Veterinary-recommended to keep on hand for all your pet’s first aid and skin care needs.


Active: Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) (0.0120%). Inactive: Electrolyzed Water (H20), Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Phosphates, Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl).