Tropiclean Sweet Pea Tangle Remover 16 oz.

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Keeping coats clear of matted hair and tangles is important for Sophie's skin, and the TropiClean Tangle Remover cuts brushing time in half! It gently removes knots, undercoat, and loose fur while keeping the skin elastic and supple and giving the hair a healthy shine.


Best results are achieved while using this product on a clean coat.  Rinse thoroughly. Apply Tangle Remover liberally and massage into saturated coat. Dry the coat completely. Brush or comb out tangles. For stubborn tangles, liberally apply Tangle Remover to the problem area and brush out.  Can be used without bathing pet.


  • purified water
  • hydrolyzed plant protein
  • organic blend of: dhamomile extract, kiwi extract, mallow extract, awapuhi extract
  • proprietary catonic emulsion
  • fragrance
  • vitamin E