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Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Plus Litter 26 lb

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Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Litter is an eco-friendly, sustainable cat litter made from Corn and Cassava. The starches in these two ingredients work together to clump quickly, eliminate moisture, and minimize bacteria. This white litter also helps to keep your kitty healthy by making it easy to spot differences in your cat's urine.

This litter is:

  • Dust-free and fragrance-free, for your respiratory health and your kitty's
  • Sustainably made with renewable crops
  • Quick-clumping and low-tracking
  • Free of any chemicals or fragrances

Sustainably Yours began with a promise to help cat owners take better care of the environment without sacrificing performance, and they've delivered. With their dust-free formulas and their donations from every purchase to the Rainforest Trust, they are looking out for the health of everyone in your household and beyond.