Super Snouts

Super Snouts G.I. Balance 3.1 oz.

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Super Snouts G.I. Balanced Digestive Support Dog & Cat Supplement contains fiber and prebiotics to support your pet's digestion and nutrient absorption. This formula comes in powdered form and features pumpkin, apple fiber, fennel, organic agave inulin and organic ginger -- a unique mixture designed to maintain healthy stools, reduce flatulence, increase naturally occurring probiotics and reduce nausea. These powerful ingredients work synergistically to support your pet’s complete digestive health.


1-25lbs: 1-3 tsps

25-50lbs: 1-2 tbs

50-75lbs: 2-3 tbs

75-100+: 3-5 tbs

Mix 1 part G.I. Balance™ with 1 part water and mix with food. Can also feed dry.


Pumpkin, Apple Fiber, Egyptian Fennel, Organic Agave Inulin, Organic Ginger.