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Spin Interactive Feeder Palette Blue

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Slow down your pet's eating the fun and exciting way with PetDreamHouse! They offer a wide variety of fun and engaging interactive slow feeders to stop your pet from scarfing down their food! Helps promote healthy digestion and weight. This SPIN Interactive Slow Feeder Palette is a great way to challenge your pet's puzzle-solving skills while promoting healthy eating! Encourages problem solving to keep your pet engaged and entertained. The unique shape of the bowl feeder and spinner utilizes its separate compartments to divide up your pet's food into smaller portions to slow eating and promote a healthy digestive system. Your pet will have to use their puzzle-solving skills to figure out how to dispense the food from the compartments. Great for kibble, wet food, treats, and more! Exercises your pet's body and mind! Browse a variety of fun and engaging interactive feeders from PetDreamHouse! Recommended by the Pet Beastro for fast eaters!