Snoozer Console Car Seat

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Lots of us love to ride with our dogs by our side in the front seat, but riding unrestrained in the passenger seat or, worse, in the driver’s arms, is dangerous. Snoozer's Console dog car seat solves this problem by giving your pooch a safe spot to sit right next to you, on the middle console. It secures firmly to the lid of the console and includes a strap to attach to your dog’s harness to keep them in one spot. So dog and driver alike can enjoy the ride side-by-side with peace of mind.


  • Removable cover is machine washable and dryable
  • Straps for securing to seat base and console lid
  • Included safety strap for securing animal into seat

Console Dog Car Seat Sizes:

Small: (recommended for pets up to 7 lbs.)

  • Outside Measurements:
    • Height: 7 inches
    • Width: 9 inches
    • Length: 15 inches
  • Inside Measurements:
    • Height: 5 inches
    • Width: 7 inches
    • Length: 13 inches

Large: (recommended for pets up to 12 lbs.)

  • Outside Measurements:
    • Height: 7 inches
    • Width: 12 inches
    • Length: 19 inches
  • Inside Measurements:
    • Height: 4 inches
    • Width: 9 inches
    • Length: 16 inches