Petpals Cloudscape Gray Hand Weaved Cat Bed

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This unique hand weaved cat bed is a perfect addition to your home and your cat. Whether you put the bed on the ground, on a cat tree, or anywhere you'd like, your cat will be sure to enjoy resting and napping on it.


• No installation is needed
• Hand Weaved Cat Bed
• Dimensions: 15.7 L x 15.7 W x 3.8 H



-For added security/stability firmly secure screws onto furniture, place them against walls or corners.                      

- Regularly inspect the product and re-tighten screws when and if necessary.                                                                       

-Supervise first-time use, not every activity is suited for every cat. Remove if not appropriate.                  

-Indoor use only. Keep away from children, this is not a toy for children.                                         

-Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any damage caused by cat trees on floors, surfaces, or objects.                                               

-Clean with a lint roller, brush, or small vacuum.