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Pet + Me Dog Hair Brush Long

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Pets+Me double-sided brush for long haired dogs can be used to safely brush your pet using one side (even in sensitive areas) but it can also be turned over to remove lint from your clothing and furniture!  Massaging your pet with this brush stimulates blood circulation promoting healthy and glossy coat. Massaging also relieves tight muscles stimulates the metabolism and helps the healing of joint pain especially in older senior dogs and cats. The "grooming knobs" on the brush side are firm but gentle specially designed to be the best dog and cat brush to reach the undercoat and skin without hurting the animal (even at their most sensitive areas). The silicone in the Pet+Me dog and cat brush acts like a magnet and holds on to the finest of dust. It's also easy to clean. Rinse under running water or stick it in the washing machine or in the dishwasher to sanitize.