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NiteIze NiteDawg LED Collar

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Nite Ize is known for making high quality lighting products that keep you and your pets visible and safe after dark. This light-up, reflective, LED dog collar is the most comprehensive solution for the person looking to keep their dog safe and visible day or night. Nite Dawg LED Collar features a bright red LED that illuminates fully around your dog's neck and also has passive reflectivity striping for optimum visibility. The LED is visible up to 1000 feet, and can be set to glow or flash modes with the press of a button. Made of high quality nylon, this lightweight, durable collar is also highly water resistant for the water-bowl-splashers and the dogs who just can't resist jumping in every body of water they see. If those features weren't enough, this collar has easily replaceable batteries that can run for up to 100 hours at a time.