Necoichi Gilded Gold Bow Tie Cat Collar

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Step up your kitty’s swagger with the Necoichi Gilded Gold Bow Tie Breakaway Cat Collar. This handcrafted collar is purr-fect for indoor cuddle buddies and outdoor adventurists alike. It’s made from sturdy kimono-grade fabric that’s soft, durable and stylish. Each collar includes a gold charm and a breakaway buckle that quickly comes undone if it gets snagged—so it’s just the right accessory for your furry explorer. Plus, the matching bow reminds you that every day is a gift with your fashionable furbaby!

  • Kimono-grade cotton fabric feels soft and stands up to daily use.
  • Breakaway buckle quickly comes undone when caught to help keep your kitty safe while exploring.
  • Gold charm and bow add a stylish touch to your feline’s a-mew-sing mystique.
  • Adjustable design ensures a comfy, snug fit for most adult cats.
  • Made with cotton, polyester and PVC.