Kong Cat Pull A Partz Bugz

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See your kitty bug-gy down with her new KONG Pull-A-Partz BugzCat Toy. This unique and interactive cat toy is actually four toys in one, with pull-apart pieces that your cat can dismantle again and again. It comes with a large leaf base that your cat can kick with her hind paws. Embedded with a crackling material and premium catnip, this toy will provide your kitty with a multi-sensory experience. She’ll have a paw-some time pulling off her new bug buddies and batting them around the house.

  • 4-in-1 pull-apart cat toy.
  • Stuffed with catnip inside.
  • Designed to entice stalk and grab play.
  • Features a large leaf base and 3 bug buddies.
  • Crafted with a crackling material for a multisensory experience.