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Huggle Hounds Rufftex Huggle Fusion Dude Turtle

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Dude Turtle is made from the perfect combination of plush material and our durable Ruff-Tex®.  HuggleHounds named this fantastic combo Huggle-Fusion, as Ruff-Tex and Plush join together, providing the best of both worlds - a "plubber" of a good time.

Ruff-Tex is constructed with thick-walled latex and have excellent tear resistance and tensile strength. All Ruff-Tex toys are hand-painted with materials that meet child safety standard EN71. With its great bounce and fun squeakers, it will be sure to keep your dog or puppy busy all day!

Dude is approximately 7.5" Tall including plush head, tail, arms & legs.  (The Ruff-Tex body is approximately 4.75" Tall x 3.75" Wide x 2" Deep).  The plush parts are threaded through the body to help secure the plush parts to the Ruff-Tex Body.