Honey I'm Home

Honey I'm Home Mini Muncher Variety Pack 3.53 oz.

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Honey I'm Home's Mini Muncher is the perfect snack size sampler for small to medium size dogs. A little sampler to keep your little muncher busy! Now there's something to bark about. Honey I'm Home only uses simple, easy to read ingredients like Buffalo and Honey. You can be confident that your dog is getting the nutrients it needs from the best dog treat possible. Made of the highest quality ingredients, in accordance with international animal welfare standards, Honey I'm Home uses only human-grade water buffalo out of India that are 100% grass fed, free range, grain free and are humanely raised without the use of added antibiotics or hormones. Each treat is then coated in sustainably-harvested honey for a product that is as sweet to the taste as it is strong in sustainability.


  • 2pc 3" Trachea Tube
  • 2pc 6" Bully Stick
  • 2pc 6" Paddywack Sticks


Water Buffalo pizzle, trachea, neckband, honey, natural honey flavor, amylogum, potassium sorbate