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From the Field Catnip Buds

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From the Field Catnip Buds loose catnip is the perfect gift for all the budding feline catnip connoisseurs in your life. Made from the most potent part of the nepeta cataria catnip plant, these buds are extra aromatic and full of the euphoria-inducing essential oils that drive kitties wild. They come from only organically farmed catnip that’s grown in the USA and come in an airtight resealable bag to keep them fresh. This potent, super-sized bag will keep you and your cats in catnip fur-ever!

  • Contains all-natural, organically grown catnip buds.
  • Extra-potent buds are a rare feline delicacy and hard to find.
  • Carefully harvested at the height of potency and guaranteed fresh.
  • Purr-fect for filling your own cat toys or for people with a lot of kitties!
  • Hand-picked and grown in the USA.