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Freedom Double End Training Leash

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This four-configuration leash features ONLY the leash, which is designed to work with the Freedom No Pull Harness. The leash length and handle coordinate with the two-toned harnesses and are made out of industrial strength webbing and stitching. The leash has a floating handle that slides on a stainless steel ring, and there are two nickle clips: one on either end of the leash length. The 5/8" wide leash is recommended for pets under 35 lbs. Four configurations 1. Clip to the front and back of the Freedom Harness, leaving the leash approximately 3' long 2. Clip both to the back of the Freedom Harness, leaving the least approximately 3' long 3. Slide the handle to one end and clip one end to the back of the harness and the other end to the handle ring, leaving the least approximately 5' long 4. Use for a quick and temporary supervised tie off when needed.