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Four Paws Wee Wee Pads

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Keep your pup’s mess off of your floor with Four Paws Wee-Wee Absorbent Pads for Dogs. Featuring a 6-layer Floor Armor leak-proof system, these quilted pads are very absorbent and perfect for training both puppies and senior dogs of all sizes. They also contain a wet-lock gel that quickly traps urine with a targeted attractant to draw your dog to the pad. Oversized quilted pockets allow for maximum absorption making these pads from Four Paws as a great solution when you can’t be home.

  • Extremely absorbent with a 6-layer Floor Armor leak-proof system.
  • Oversized quilted pockets offer a great solution to outdoor relief.
  • Pee pads contain a wet-lock gel that quickly traps urine.
  • Pads measure 22 x 23 inches for canines of all sizes.
  • Targeted attractant included to draw your pup to the pad.


  • Place your dog on the pad throughout the day to familiarize them with the attractant.
  • As soon as your dog goes on the pad immediately reward them with praise and a treat for good behavior.
  • Quickly replace the soiled pad with a new one.
  • If your dog eliminates somewhere other than the pad simply place them on the pad and encourage them to eliminate there.
  • Once your dog is trained inside, you can begin teaching them to eliminate outside. Begin moving the pad towards the door and eventually to the outside area where you would like your dog to go