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Boxie Cat Probiotic Deep Clean Scent-Free Litter

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Take your litter game to the next level with the Deep Clean, Scent-Free clumping cat litter from BoxiePro. This unique litter utilizes natural probiotics to kill the bacteria lurking in your litter box, snuffing out odors and protecting your home from bacteria-borne illnesses. With no germs in your litter box, there are no germs for your kitty to track around the house. And, speaking of tracking, this formula resists clinging to your cat's paws, limiting the amount of litter that is carried out of the box in the first place. Best of all, BoxiePro's unique Flat-Top system forces the litter to clump at the top of the litter box instead of sinking to the bottom, which makes it easier to scoop. So, you have a cleaner box, cleaner paws, and a cleaner home.