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Animal Essentials Tinctures Colon Rescue 1 oz

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Animal Essentials Colon Rescue Herbal GI Support Dog & Cat Supplement is a soothing combination of time honored herbs that promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract. This supplement contains extracts of certified organic marshmallow root, slippery elm inner bark, plantain and licorice to support the colon and help pets suffering from diarrhea or constipation. All of Animal Essentials’ premium-quality supplements for dogs and cats are formulated by the leading experts in holistic pet care to support your pet’s overall health and well-being.


Squirt directly into mouth or add to food or water, 2 - 3 daily.


Weight: Daily Feeding (mL)

  • Under 20 lbs: 0.5 - 1
  • 20 - 40 lbs: 1 - 1.5
  • 40+ lbs: 2
  • Cats: 0.5 - 1 mL

Active Ingredients:

A Proprietary Blend Containing Extracts of Slippery Elm Bark 1:4, Organic Licorice Root 1:4, Organic Plantain Leaf 1:4, Organic Marshmallow Root 1:4.

Inactive Ingredients:

Vegetable Glycerin USP, Distilled Water.