Top Toys to Gift Your Pet This Christmas 

Top Toys to Gift Your Pet This Christmas 

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to start thinking about picking presents for people and pets alike. Any four-legged friend would be lucky to find these gifts nestled under the tree on Christmas morn. 


For the mouthy pup

Chilly Bone Freezable Teething Toys are designed to be one part cool toy and one part teething tool.   Once the toy is frozen, it is ready for play! 

For the dog with no chill

Fido will freak as he furiously tries to get the squeaker penguins out of the crinkly igloo.  Fringe Hide & Seek Igloo With Penguins is an interactive game that’s a hit with any hound that loves to play.

For the tech-savvy set

Animal Sounds Babble Balls Blue is an interactive toy that talks or makes exciting animal sounds when touched. The improved technology is so sensitive it can be triggered by a pet breathing on it, or just by the vibration of a pet walking past it. Your dog won’t be able to get enough of this toy this Christmas! 

For the sweet snuggler

This Fringe Sweater-Saurus T Rex plush toy may be adorable, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts! Your canine companion will love discovering the extra-loud internal squeaker and crinkle paper that’s sure to tempt him to play. While not designed for aggressive chewing, Sweater-Saurus Rex makes a great snuggle buddy.

For the fashionista 

Your pup will be setting trends with this plush Haute Diggity Pawda Toy. This adorable Pawda handbag purse toy is made from soft plush material with a squeaker inside. Your dog will enjoy the fun and fashion that this toy brings them! 


For the athlete

With this Go Cat Da Purr PellerCats, your cat will engage their natural hunting instinct (without requiring a large space or endangering other creatures). This toy features a propeller of feathers that spin when swung through the air that will keep your cat's attention! 

For the multi-tasking tabby

The Petrageous Concave Cat Scratcher features a corrugated cat scratcher with a jingle ball teaser wand that will captivate your kitty. Perfect for cats that like to be entertained constantly. 

For the minimalist

This Rascals handcrafted wool cat toy is uniquely handmade with textures and a wool scent that naturally attracts your feline. Your cat will enjoy hours of play with this simple, yet effective toy. 

For the huntress

The Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeding Kit is an award-winning active enrichment cat feeding system. Not only does it encourage natural behavior and manage food intake, but it also helps to keep your cat active and stimulated. Your cat will hunt, catch and play with the treats using his natural hunting skills. 

For the oral-health conscious kitty

The Pet Stages Cat Dental Chew Toy provides cats with the opportunity to bite into crunchy items that they don’t typically receive on a soft food diet. This innovative dental toy offers cats of all ages the opportunity to crunch, chew and clean away tartar build up which can lead to dental problems all while they play.