Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Cat Active

Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Cat Active

It is important to keep your cat mentally and physically active even if she does spend all her time indoors. Take a look at these tips to keep your tabby in shape.

Schedule Play Time

Try to schedule play time for about 10-15 minutes each day to develop an active routine. This can include 5-minute play sessions before or after meals. Cats can get bored easily, so consider rotating toys every few days. Some great toys to entertain your cat are cat wands, plush toys, and motorized mice

Get a Cat Tree or Scratching Post

A cat tree or scratching post are a great way for cats to get exercise through climbing and scratching. Be sure to place it in a central location to give your cat plenty of room or near the window (so your cat can see outdoors) to encourage them to climb. When selecting which tree/post is best for your cat, choose one that is tall enough so your feline can fully stretch while scratching.

Use a Laser Pointer

Engage your cat’s hunting instinct by using a laser pointer. Your cat will be up and moving in no time to “catch” the little red dot. Award them with a toy or treat to keep them interested in playing, since “catching” the light won’t provide a physical reward.

Play Hide and Seek

Crinkle bags/mats, cat tunnels, or other household items, like tissue paper in paper bags (with handles cut off) or a box, are a way for your cat to amuse themselves. Beware of using plastic bags, which pose a suffocation hazard. Watch your furry friend as they hide, jump, and play with this interactive game.

Interactive Meals

Capture your cat’s attention by making them work for their food, similar to hunting. Hide small amounts of food around the house for them to find. This works especially well to get your cat on their feet when you’re away. Another idea is to put food in a bowl and walk around the house, stopping to offer small bites from time to time, to stretch their legs.

Get Outdoors

Just because you have an indoor cat, doesn’t mean that they can’t get a taste of the great outdoors. Leash train your feline and take them on walks around the block for exercise for the both of you. You can also make or buy an outdoor enclosure to get fresh air without going too far. However, make sure your cat is up to date on their vaccinations to protect your furry friend to the additional diseases and parasites that cats are exposed to when they venture outdoors.