Pet-Proofing Your Home

Pet-Proofing Your Home

Keep your furry family members safe by safeguarding your home with these pet proofing ideas.


  • Cover trash cans 

Whether you use a trash with a lid, or have a cabinet that hides your trash can, both of these options will keep trash out of your pet’s reach. Pets getting into trash cans not only creates a mess, but it can expose pets to materials that are hazardous, like cleaning supplies, or bad for their health, like certain human foods. 


  • Make sure all wires and cords are out of reach

From lamps to TV cables, your pooch or cat can be electrocuted if they chew on a wire or cord. Tucking cords away will keep your pets safer, and your home looking tidier (bonus!).


  • Keep medications, lotions, or cosmetics out of reach 

When ingested, medications, lotions, and any cosmetics can have harmful effects on your furry friend. Be mindful that many pets can climb well, so even high counters and shelves that seem safe may still be accessible.  To be safe, clear counters, nightstands, and dressers of these potential hazards and keep them in secure drawers or storage containers that seal tightly.


  • Secure windows

Check all windows in the house to ensure they have sturdy screens, so your pets do not fall out if the window is open. If your windows do not have screens, consider getting some or only open windows your pets cannot access.


  • Make sure poisonous foods are out of the way

Chocolate may be the first thing you think of when it comes to dangerous foods for pets, but did you know that grapes, salt, and walnuts can be poisonous? Don’t leave these foods out unsupervised and if some happen to fall within reach, be sure to pick them up right away.


  • Put the toilet seat down

After flushing, cover the accessible toilet water by putting the toilet seat down. Toilet water poses two threats to animals, 1. Drinking the water isn’t good for pets, especially if chemical cleaners are used on the toilet bowl, and 2. Small pets, such as kittens and rodents, can drown in the water. 


  • Shut washing machine and dryer doors

Make sure the dryer and washing machine doors are shut (or close off the laundry room completely) to keep your pets from getting trapped in unsafe areas. If you have left them open, double check in each before starting the machine to ensure no pets have gotten stuck inside of them. 


  • Only keep non-toxic plants in the house

House plants, such as Aloe Vera, Poinsettia (during the holiday season), and carnations have been reported to have negative effects on animals when eaten. Try to keep these plants out of the house, but if you have some, keep them out of your pet’s reach.


  • Create a pet-friendly area

This area is essential when leaving your pet(s) unattended. Crate train your animals, or close off a safe area using a door or gate to keep them safe while you’re away.