Litter Box Tips

Litter Box Tips

Although litter boxes are the less glamorous side of owning a cat, they are an important aspect of a cat’s life. Check out these litter box tips to keep your home fresh and your feline happy.

Litter boxes

Think about your cat’s personality to choose a litter box that is right for them. Keep in mind that most cats like large boxes so they can easily enter and move around. If they prefer their privacy, a hooded litter box may be your best bet. On the other hand, an uncovered litter box is great for multi-cat homes so your cat can see another feline approaching.


What you put in a litter box is just as important as the box itself. Cat’s have a strong sense of smell, so if choosing a scented option, make sure it is not heavily perfumed. You can opt for an unscented litter with odor control, like Everclean Extra Strength Unscented Litter to keep odors at bay without affecting your feline’s nose. Additionally, clumping litter makes cleaning easy, but always stick with the choice that your cat likes.


Whereas other items for litter boxes are at the discretion of your kitty, a scoop is a tool that is entirely up to your preference. Choose a scoop that gives you a firm and comfortable grip, and can hold a good amount of litter. Try the Messy Cats Litter Scoop, which allows you to clean from a distance, due to the long and soft-touch handle.


Keep your house fresh and clean by scooping waste out of the litter box at least every two days or every day, if possible. At the end of the month, wash out the tray with soap and water and add new litter.


If you own multiple litter boxes, place them in separate locations to avoid one cat claiming it. Choose a spot that is quiet, accessible and away from high-traffic areas. Also, make sure your furry friend’s food and water is not near where they take care of their business.