How to Stop Dog Barking

How to Stop Dog Barking

Excessive barking can be annoying for owners, but it is important to locate the cause of barking to find the best solution. A few reasons your pup may be barking is because of fear, boredom or as a greeting. Check out these strategies on how to stop dog barking.

Don’t yell

It can be easy to want to yell at your pooch to get them to stop barking, however, this practice is ineffective because to dogs it sounds like you’re barking with them. Instead of yelling at your dog to be quiet, speak calmly and firmly using the word, “quiet!”

Tire them out

If you find your pup barking excessively when you are gone or all night, they may be barking due to boredom. During the day, provide sufficient physical and mental exercise to eliminate your furry friend’s frustrated barks. If you work during the day, consider having someone come over for an hour to walk them or play fetch.F

Familiarize or remove stimulus

Whether you notice your dog barking at people or other animals outdoors, you can manage their behavior by removing the stimulus. You can take your pup to another room, bring them inside if they are outside or close your curtains to block their view from the reason they are yapping. You can also teach them to get accustomed to the cause of their barking. Start with the stimulus, such as another person or animal, at a distance and feed your dog treats as they get closer to desensitize them. 

Ignore the barking

If your furry friend tends to bark when confined or when you or others walk through the door, try to ignore them until they stop barking. Any attention given to them will reward them for being noisy. After they quiet down, reward them with a treat. It may be frustrating to wait until they are finished barking, but it will only get worse if you give in before they are done. 

If confining your pooch in a crate or gated area, turn your back and ignore them until they stop barking, then praise them with a treat when they cooperate. After that, lengthen and vary the amount of time they must stay quiet before rewarding.

Redirect behavior

When you notice your pup is excessively barking, use a trained command to distract them. For instance, when yapping, ask them to “lay down” or “go to” a certain place in the house and give them a treat. This is an effective method for when someone comes to the door.

Use anti-bark tools

Using bark control products can eliminate over-the-top barking. The PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control is an outdoor unit that looks like a birdhouse and produces a harmless high-pitched sound that will remind your dog to stop barking outdoors. For indoor barking, you can use a unit, such as the PetSafe Stationary Indoor Bark Control Ultrasonic device or turn to a static correction collar, like the Pet Safe Bark Control Collar Static Stimulation collar. However, using these products are only effective when paired with positive reinforcement and addressing any other issues, such as boredom.