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How to Name Your Pet

Having a hard time naming the new addition to the family? Ever wondered how pet owners come up with clever names for their furry friends? Naming your dog, hamster, cat or fish is a vital point in your relationship. It establishes character and foster a bond. Here are some things to consider while deciding the best name for your new pet:

Physical Characteristics

One of the most common ways to name your pet is to base it off physical appearance. Names like Spot, Tiger, Patches, and Whiskers are fun ways to identify your pet. While there are many common names under this category, it is exciting to name your pets something that is unique to them. For example, ‘Tiger’ could have spots that are identical to the large jungle cat or perhaps your pet is a shade that is similar to them. The name itself may be common, but the reason behind it is unique to your pet.


Many pet owners consider naming pets in relation to the animal’s personality. If your pet is shy, try Susu, a Chinese name meaning quiet, or Bryer, a Canadian name meaning gentle. For a rambunctious dog, try Tornado. For a lucky charm, Clover fits perfectly. You can also come up with silly names that describe them like Sassy, Speedy or Waddles. It may take a tad longer to get to know your furry friend’s personality, but it makes for a great story later. 

How You Met

Another way to create a meaningful name for your pet is to associate it with how you first met. I had a friend who named her dog Blizzard because they rescued the 90-pound golden retriever from a really bad winter snow storm. The name stuck, and it was a great story to tell family and friends later!

Take Your Time

Whichever route you choose, make sure to take your time! Names are important as they identify who our pets are. The names we pick become conversation starters, funny stories, and long-lasting memories of our furry friends.