How Frequently to Bathe Your Outdoor Active Dog

How Frequently to Bathe Your Outdoor Active Dog

Most experts agree you should bathe your dog at least once a month. Yet how can we follow these guidelines when there are so many factors that contribute to a bathing schedule? Your dog’s activity level, breed, hair length, skin and the season all play important roles in deciding the frequency of bathing. 



Dog breeds with an oily coat such as a Labrador Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, or Newfoundland, will need more baths than the average dog. When you balance this with how often they are outside you might consider creating a schedule for how much time they spend out before their next bath. This means that breeds with drier fur, like Yorkies and Pugs, should bathe less often as they need to preserve the oils in their hair. However, if they smell pretty bad before their next scheduled wash go ahead and give them a good scrub as often as needed. 

Hair Length

The longer your dog’s hair, the easier it is for dirt to get trapped in their fur. Spending long hours outdoors may call for more frequent grooming like once a week. On the other hand, dogs with shorter hair can be cleaned less because of the weakened opportunity for dirt to cling to fur. In this case, you can get away with washing your pup one to two times per month. 

Protect the Skin

While your canine’s fur is there to protect, sometimes it can’t foresee all of the problems they may face. Some dogs struggle with environmental allergies and skin conditions that require them to bathe up to once a week or more. Since some pups use prescription shampoos, it is best to ask your vet about the overuse of these products. 


The change in seasons plays a huge part in how often your furry friend should get a bath. Between leaves, snow, or grass, the higher the impact of dirt the environment around them may cause the more they will need to be cleaned. As a result of this, your routine practices may be different throughout the year. 



There is no right or wrong amount of times to wash your dog in a given month, assuming they aren’t showing signs of over washing (i.e. skin irritation, dull coat, dry or brittle fur). They get dirty just like us, and the more time spent outside, the more baths they will need. It is important for pet owners to understand their dog’s personal needs to properly care for them.