Holiday Gift Picks for Cats

Holiday Gift Picks for Cats

We’ve rounded up our favorite gift picks for cats for you to add to your holiday shopping list!

Guilt-Free Treats

Fill your kitty’s stocking with some delicious treats! Wellness Kittles Salmon & Cranberry treats are natural, grain-free treats packed with salmon and cranberry flavors. Each morsel has under two calories, so your furry friend can enjoy guilt-free goodies. 


Entertaining Eats

Turn mealtime into a fun game with the Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats. This feeder stimulates your cat's natural instinct and ability to catch food with paws. You’ll limit feline boredom by providing mental exercise with this unique item.

Captivating Toy

All your cat wants for Christmas is the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy! The Bolt is not your average laser toy. You can generate random patterns on the automatic mode for your tabby to play on their own, or switch to manual mode to control all of the fun action.

Water Fun

Encourage your feline to drink more with their very own water fountain wrapped under the Christmas tree. The Catit Fresh & Clear Top Fountain regularly circulates water to help maintain urinary tract health and provides tasty, fresh water. Plus, the sound of running water will draw your cat’s attention because of their innate desire for moving water sources.