Helping Pets Adjust After a Move

Helping Pets Adjust After a Move

A Big Move Affects Us All

Moving is a very stressful task for everyone, including your dogs or cats. Getting pets acclimated to a new environment can be daunting but not impossible! Here are some tips and tricks to make your new house feel like home for Fido and Spot.

Save Their Favs

During a big move we often find ourselves throwing out the old to prepare for new. This includes getting rid of old furniture, toys, blankets, and other items you don’t use on a regular basis. Instead, try to keep as many of your pet’s favorite items to help them adjust faster and easier. Like humans, pets tend to cling to things that are familiar. Therefore, keeping their old belongings in a new space will help them understand they are safe in their new environment. This may mean you have to hang on to that old recliner a little longer than you’d like, but once your pet is comfortable in the new space, you can always spring for something new.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Pets like to mark their territory. Be sure to take your pets outside and on walks, if possible, so they become familiar with their surroundings. The more comfortable they are, the easier it is for them to identify home. 

Routine & Repeat

If your pets are on a daily schedule it is important to stay consistent. Carrying on everyday tasks as normal will help your pets adapt. If they see that nothing has changed outside of their surroundings, they will likely follow suit.  

Pack Your Patience

Adjusting to a new space is hard! Understand that most pets don’t like change, so no need to get discouraged if they aren’t adapting right away. Giving them additional support by staying home as much as possible in the beginning stages of the move. The more attention pets receive early on, the better they will feel in the long run.