Gear Up for Summer: A Guide to Outdoor Pet Accessories

Gear Up for Summer: A Guide to Outdoor Pet Accessories

As the days grow warmer and longer, seize the opportunity to explore the great outdoors with your canine companion. Whether embarking on a scenic road trip to hike at Pedernales State Park, making regular visits to your local dog park, or just cruising through the neighborhood, equip yourself with the best dog-walking gear for unforgettable adventures. 

Essential items like hands-free leashes, easy-to-clean dog boots, and portable water bottles ensure your pet's comfort and safety. Just as you pack your essentials, your furry friend needs specialized gear like a durable dog backpack and dog treat bags for any journey.

At Healthy Pet, we embrace the adventurous spirit of pet parents from Cedar Park to Kyle to Bee Cave and Downtown Austin. That's why we've curated a premium selection of dog walking accessories, car accessories, and outdoor dog gear, all crafted for durability, safety, and ease of use. Whether strolling through city streets or trekking along rugged paths, our extensive guide helps you select the perfect gear, ensuring safe and enjoyable summer excursions. Trust Healthy Pet to enhance your adventures with your beloved pet.


Feeding and Hydrating Your Pet on the Go: Essential Gear for Every Dog Owner

Planning your outdoor adventures or road trips requires attention to your pet's dietary and hydration needs. At Healthy Pet, we provide easy-to-clean, portable solutions to ensure your pet is well-fed and hydrated, regardless of the destination.

Portable Feeding Solutions 

Collapsible Dog Bowls: Lightweight and durable, these silicone bowls fold down easily, making them a top choice for convenience and portability. These bowls are ideal for quick stops or extended hikes and are ideal for dog walkers and travelers.
The Beco collapsible travel bowl is a handy lightweight option. 

Travel Dog Water Bottles: Ensure your pet stays hydrated with our travel-friendly water bottles featuring a built-in bowl for spill-free drinking. These are essential for dog walking, hikes, or long drives, maintaining hydration without the mess.
The H2O 4 K9 insulated water bottle is our pick.

Pet Travel Food Containers: Secure and fresh, our airtight food containers are designed to keep your pet's meals convenient and mess-free on any journey.

With Healthy Pet's range of travel bowls, water bottles, and other essential dog-walking accessories, you're equipped to meet your pet's needs effortlessly during any outdoor adventure.

Essential Gear for the Active Dog (or cat)

Preparing for outdoor adventures with your dog involves more than just enthusiasm; it requires the right dog walking accessories to ensure their safety and comfort. At Healthy Pet, we offer a comprehensive range of adventure dog gear, from sturdy harnesses and leashes to protective dog boots, designed to withstand the rigors of any outdoor activity.

Harnesses and Leashes 

Our adjustable harnesses and robust leashes are essential for dog walkers seeking control and safety. They ensure comfort without straining your dog's neck or back, making them perfect for short walks and longer treks. We have a wide variety of leashes and harnesses available. 

You also may not have considered it, but you can also get leashes and harnesses to take you cat for a walk. Not all cats would be interested in walking on a leash, but some really love it. You can consider the Come With Me Kitty Harness.

Protective Footwear 

Our dog boots protect against sharp rocks, thorns, and extreme temperatures, ensuring your pet's paws are safe regardless of terrain. The Ruffwear Grip Trex boots are trendy for their durability and traction, which make them ideal for any adventure.

Visibility Gear 

Increase safety with our reflective vests and collars, which are crucial for maintaining visibility in low-light or dense areas. These visibility gear items are essential for keeping your dog safe during dawn or dusk excursions.
A good option is the Coastal Comfort Soft reflective harness.

Cooling Vests 

To combat the summer heat, our cooling vests utilize advanced fabrics that cool through evaporation, providing relief during warm-weather activities. You simply wet the vest before putting it on your dog. These vests are essential for keeping your dog comfortable during intense summer hikes.

Adventure-Ready Packs 

Our dog backpacks allow your pet to carry their essentials, balancing the load of food, water, and supplies. These packs are designed for comfort and unrestrained movement, perfect for adventurous dogs and their owners.
The Ruffwear Approach Pack is great for dogs who love to explore. 

First Aid Kits

Just like with human kids, furbabies who venture into the outdoors can also get hurt. Having a per first aid kit handy ensures peace of mind when you go on an adventure. The Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit contains everything you need to deal with a variety of potential injuries.

Poop bags

When heading outdoors with your dog, don't forget poop bags. They are essential for cleanliness, local regulations, and respecting nature. Always pack extra to be safe. We recommend Earth Rated Unscented Poop Bags.

With Healthy Pet's selection of collapsible water bowls and bottles, poop bags, and dog treat bags, every outing with your dog is enhanced. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of active pets and their pet parents, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience on every adventure.

Prepare for the Season

Don't wait until the last minute to gear up for your summer excursions. Visit us online or in-store today to explore our pet travel accessories and outdoor gear range. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the perfect items to meet your pet's needs and your lifestyle.

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