Celebrating Earth Day: Ideas for Getting Outdoors

Celebrating Earth Day: Ideas for Getting Outdoors

We may be stuck inside more than usual this month, but there are several health benefits (both physical and mental) to getting outside for some fresh air. Whether you want to get away from the house (while continuing to social distance) or wish to stay closer to home, we’ve provided some outdoor ideas for you.

Skip your go-to dog park and opt for these lesser-known dog walking locations. As always, check each location’s website for the most up-to-date information (as closures are expanding/changing rapidly).

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Although this may be considered a more popular park, the extensive trail system stretches across 200+ wooded acres of public land, so it’ll be easy to keep your distance from others. You and your pup will have plenty of space to explore winding dirt trails, natural vegetation, and a creek.

Enchanted Rock 

As one of the largest stone formations in the west, Enchanted Rock will be a joy to admire as you enjoy the great outdoors. This location will take you outside of Austin, but the sights are worth it. You and your furry friend can hike the Loop Trail (leash required) and reward yourself with a picnic in the designated day-use picnic areas.

Perry Park

This park is located behind a school so is usually occupied by children; however, since schools are currently closed, this park is likely to be less busy. Walk along the nature trail for a scenic stroll or visit “Upper Perry Park” to check out the art installations that showcase the relationship between art and nature.

Spicewood Valley Trail 

This little-known trail can be found across the street from Mountain View Park and features a lake. Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash and you can both explore this quaint and peaceful walking destination. 

Who says you need to leave the comfort of your home to get outdoors? Head to the backyard to play these games with your pooch.

Treasure Hunt

Ignite your dog’s instinctive sense of smell with a treasure hunt. Grab some treats and hide them around your yard while your pup is inside.  When you’re ready, have your canine try to find them.

Digging Box

If you have a dog that loves to dig and don’t want your grass and flower beds ruined, invest in a digging box. Purchase a sandbox or build your own to have a designated space for your furry friend to dig.


Mix up your regular routine of fetch by adding in a frisbee! Extend your playtime with a glow-in-the-dark frisbee, like the West Paw Zisc Flying Disc Glow.

Agility Course

Put your pup’s skills to the test by creating a one-of-a-kind agility course for him. This will give your dog mental and physical exercise. You can use objects, such as hula hoops, cones, and blankets, to have your pup jump through, over, and weave through.

Tug of War

Your furry friend will blow off some steam and learn some basic commands with tug of war. Using a rope toy, teach your dog to “stay,” “get it,” and “let go.”