Curbing your dog's chewing habit

Curbing your dog's chewing habit

Curbing Your Dog’s Chewing Habit

Everyone loves puppies, but nobody likes finding out that their new pair of shoes has been chewed to shreds by them. Puppy teething, boredom, and separation anxiety are the common causes of dog chewing. Whether you’ve added a new addition to your family, or you have an older dog that can’t fight their urge to chew, end the destruction with these helpful hints.

Keep the House Tidy

While this initial tip doesn’t directly fix your dog’s bad habit, it does help keep the peace while you find a solution to the problem. 

Especially with kids in the house, it may be hard to keep items in their designated spaces. While working to curb your dog’s chewing habit, be extra mindful of items left out around the house. This also means keeping hazardous items, like cleaning products found in a trash can and electrical cords, in a space your pooch can’t access. 

Schedule Daily Playtime & Exercise

Boredom is one of the reasons dogs develop bad chewing habits; set time each day to play with your pup to relieve this chewing catalyst. Engaging in playtime and exercise offers mental stimulation that allows their energy to be used in a productive manner. 

Confine Them When Away

Use a dog crate or gate off a section of your house to contain your dog while you’re away. Make sure to remove any items that have the potential to be chewed on and replace them with toys and other chew-friendly items.

Avoid Using Old Shoes and Socks as Toys

It may seem easy (and affordable) to let your pup nibble on old socks and shoes that you have laying around the house. However, this teaches them that it is okay to chew on those items. It would be disappointing for a new pair of shoes to meet its end just because your pet couldn’t distinguish them from the old pair you let them chew on. Stick to dog chew toys to avoid confusion.

Redirect Bad Behavior

If you catch your canine chewing on an inappropriate object, take the time to interrupt what they are doing, then divert their attention to an appropriate toy. Next, reinforce the behavior by praising your dog for chewing on the suitable item. The positive emphasis on the correct item will allow you to steer clear of putting them in a doggy time out.

Persistence is key when it comes to breaking a bad habit. It may take some time and work to end your pet’s chewing pattern, but keeping at it will keep you (and your household items) happy.