Company Spotlight: Tiny Tails to You

Company Spotlight: Tiny Tails to You

Tiny Tails to You started in 2010 as a way to create safe and fun one-to-one connections with animals and has grown to be one of the highest-rated event companies in Texas. Their mission is to educate, create connections with animals and give back to the community. They are committed to providing lasting memories, fostering a respect for nature and the environment and enriching the lives of animals.

Tiny Tails To You brings you adorable animal experiences through virtual animal hangouts and events. Especially during a time of social distancing, consider using Tiny Tails to You as a way to celebrate special occasions virtually and experience something new.

Virtual Petting Zoo

Tiny Tails to You provides virtual hangouts that are engaging and interactive. A virtual petting zoo allows you to share playtime with animals, the ability to ask questions and choose what the animals do. Kids will love playing games, singing silly songs and watching animals move and eat. Plus, the virtual petting zoo is easy to set up and fun to share with your friends and family. Watch this video to see what a virtual hangout would be like.


When there are no longer restrictions on large gatherings, consider a more personal interaction with Tiny Tails to You’s animals if you live in Central Texas. Tiny Tails to You does all sorts of events including playdates, birthday parties, festivals, pet therapy sessions and more! If you don’t see an event that fits your needs, you can have a custom experience created for you. 

All you have to do is send your event details and they'll take care of the rest! They have bunnies, hedgehogs, chicks, blue-tongued skinks, chinchillas, tortoises, guinea pigs, miniature chickens and bearded dragons! You’ll love how easy it is to schedule and meet new animals.