Company Spotlight: Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf was co-founded by Alina and Steve Smith after being unable to find effective, natural alternatives on store shelves. They made the decision to create a better way with the goal of providing "truly healthy products for our pet companions that will always be made with honesty and integrity." 

With the belief of healing from the inside out, Pet Releaf has created hemp-derived CBD products that provide positive health benefits to cats and dogs such as calming them in stressful situations. Additionally, Pet Releaf products include potent anti-inflammatory properties and boost the immune system. 

Halloween can be an anxiety-inducing time for pets with doorbell ringing, sudden knocks and scary costumes. Consider using Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil to keep your pets calm when there is a sudden change in their routine or environment. For additional tips on preparing for your furry friend's Halloween anxiety, visit the Pet Releaf blog here.

To order Pet Releaf CBD products for your pet, head to your local Healthy Pet store or call to place an order.