Company Spotlight: Earthborn Holistic

Company Spotlight: Earthborn Holistic

For this upcoming Earth Day, we want to shed light on an awesome company and its work to help the environment. Earthborn Holistic has been family-owned since 1926 and specializes in producing nutritional dog and cat food recipes, oven-baked biscuits and treats. 

Not only does Earthborn care about the nutritional needs of your pet, but the company also seeks to create awareness for the environment. Earthborn’s commitment to protecting the earth can be seen through its use of clean natural gas when producing packaging, using aprons made with 100% post-consumer content from plastic bottles, and more

In addition to using eco-friendly materials for its products and packaging, Earthborn Holistic also provides tips and resources for living a more sustainable life. Earthborn Holistic has also personally developed several environmental initiatives that are highlighted below.

Earthborn Reborn

Retail locations can participate by placing designated Earthborn ReBorn collection bins to collect Empty Earthborn Holistic bags. Each full bin is weighed, and each pound of collected waste results in a monetary donation to the retailer’s pet charity of choice.

UPCs for Trees

When purchasing an Earthborn Holistic product, customers can collect the UPC codes from the package and send it in to have a tree planted by the company. Planting a tree is a simple way for Earthborn Holistic to help remove excesses of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment.

VENTURE & Unrefined Plantbag

Earthborn Holistic uses more than 40% plant-based plastic made from renewable and sustainable Brazilian sugarcane ethanol for VENTURE & Unrefined packaging. Earthborn Holistic does not use carbon-footprint-heavy polyethylene plastic, which many manufacturers use for pet food packaging.