Best Products for Picking up Messes

Best Products for Picking up Messes

Picking up after your furry friend can be a hassle, so we’ve put together the best products for cleaning up your pet’s messes!

Poop Scoop

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop allows owners to pick up after their pooches on any surface without bending down or getting close to the mess. Plus, the antimicrobial coating keeps it odor-free and easy to clean. For cats, use the Neater Scooper for hassle-free cleaning that keeps the litter box fresh. The unique design includes a scooper with a convenient waste bin attached to it for simple filling with no spilling.

Upholstery Cleaner

Your pet jumps up on the seat with dirty paws. Been there, done that. Try Kurgo Upholstery Cleaner next time! This product contains natural enzymes that digest organic waste and works on old and new stains. I's safe to use around humans and pets so you can easily clean dirty paw prints and drool stains in your car.

Cleaning Brush

After clearing waste, don’t forget to clean up the litter box! The Messy Cats Litter Box Cleaning Brush will let you reach even the toughest corners. This product is complete with extra strong bristles for deep scrubbing and a scraper edge to remove grime.

Waste Rake

Even when messes are made outside, they still need to be tidied up. Use Four Paws Scooper Rake Set for fast and easy waste cleanup. The rake set works great for grassy areas while the spade set can be used on sidewalks. You'll love that it's made with a durable stainless steel collection base that won’t rust.

Stain & Odor Remover

Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover works to eliminate stains and odors including urine and feces accidents, food, drooling and other hard-to-get-out messes. Safe to use around pets and homes, this fast-acting formula can be used on carpet and other surfaces. It's perfect for spot cleaning and removing surface stains and odors.