Best Products for Pet Hair Removal

Best Products for Pet Hair Removal

We love our furry pals, but pet fur can be a hassle to clean up. We’ve compiled the best products for pet hair removal to help you out!

The Coastal Safari Pet Hair Roller 

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic lint roller. The Coastal Safari Pet Hair Roller has easy-to-peel sheets and a comfortable handle for use at home or on the go. You’ll easily remove hair, dander, lint and dust from clothing and furniture in no time!

Furminator Deshedding Brush 

Available for cats and dogs of various sizes and hair lengths, the Furminator Deshedding Brush is a proactive tool that can reduce shedding up to 90%. The edge reaches deep beneath your pet's top coat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers, this brush will also help your cat to ingest less fur while self-grooming and prevents hairballs from developing.

Poochie Pets 3 Bone Sponges 

These dry sponges will be your magic eraser for fur and hair. This product is reusable and will swipe away hair and fur in the car, on furniture, on pillows and more! To clean, just rinse off your dry sponge and let it air dry so it is ready to go for its next use!

Bergan Bench Seat Protector Classic Navy

Although this product doesn’t remove pet hair per se, it does help to avoid getting fur all over your car interior. Perfect for pet owners that lead active lifestyles and travel with their pets, a Bergan Bench Seat Protector keeps fur away from vehicle seats. Additionally, the machine-washable waterproof backing protects seats from messes or accidents.

Four Paws Love Glove

This glove will give your pet extra attention and a therapeutic massage while removing dull, dead hair and eliminating mats and tangles. Great for dogs, cats and small animals, you and your pets will love how effective this lightweight neoprene glove is. Along with removing hair directly, you can also use the glove to remove loose pet hair on furniture and clothing.