Best Dog Bowls

Best Dog Bowls

It is easy to reach for a water bowl that looks cool or matches your home decor (no judgment!).  But beyond aesthetics, bowls have added benefits, like controlling consumption and keeping water cool. Take a look at our top five dog bowls and their best features to help you pick out the best bowl for your pup.

Tall Tails Wood Riser & Bowl

This sturdy bowl is made from mango wood and provides an elevated elegance and riser that makes feeding comfortable for your pooch. The non-skid bottom keeps the bowl in place, despite messy eaters.

Be One Breed Cool Bowl

This classic white bowl is made from cooling ceramic that will keep water cold for hours. The molded center module acts as a slow feeder that can be used for food or water if you want to prevent your pooch from inhaling his food or water.

Pioneer Pet Rose Gold Raindrop Fountain

The Pioneer Pet Rose Gold Raindrop Drinking Fountain encourages pets to drink more water because of the appeal of moving water. Water is purified via filter and is circulated and oxygenated with an ultra-quiet pump, making this one sleek and efficient water bowl. It’s also very easy on the eyes if aesthetic is important to you.

Ruffwear Basecamp Bowl

Your pup will be transported to another planet with the design of this stainless steel food and water bowl. The bottom of the bowl is specifically shaped to collect food and water in the middle for easy reach.

Petmate Replendish Waterer

Petmate Replendish Waterers with Microban keep pets hydrated and cool 24/7. The base  features Microban Antimicrobial Protection that helps prevent stain growth and odor-causing bacteria, great for multi-pet households and when you’re away.