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Zugo Pet Airline Approved Midnight Black Bag

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These carriers are specifically designed so you can travel on any airline, national or international. The ZuGoPet qulited pet bag collection has three separate openings with easy to zip mesh doors. If your dog wants more privacy or gets frightened easily while traveling simply zip up the two sides and the top flap is never fully zipped allowing air to flow into the bag. To fully secure the bags flaps, there are convenient snap locks on the top of each side of the pet bag to secure the side doors. The quilted bag functions are Dog Car Seat, Detaches from the car and turns into a designer handbag, Airline compliant, Water proof interior, 5 pockets for your belongings, A dog bed, Every bag includes adjustable straps for over the chest carrying option, 3 leash attachments which allow for hands-free walking, The interior safety strap adjusts into a dog leash with two clips which allows you to clip your dog onto a fence or chair easily without a hassle, Inserts for coolers or heating pads to control your pets temperature.