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Spot Love the Earth Coffee Wood Chew

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What are Coffee Wood Dog Chews?

These dog chews are made from the branches of the coffee plant. It is a dense, hard wood that softens slightly
as your dog chews. It is commonly used in the pet industry for bird perches and toys. As a byproduct of
coffee farming, it is 100% natural, sustainable and free from chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Why are Coffee Wood Dog Chews better than regular sticks and branches?

Grab a stick from your backyard and you'll find that these are not very durable. Dying branches are dried
out and can easily break apart in your dog's mouth, causing possible injuries from splinters. Coffee wood is
dense and heavy, so it can withstand continuous chewing.

Does Coffee wood splinter?

Coffee wood is composed of densely packed fibers. While the wood is hard to the touch, it softens slightly as
your dog chews making is less prone to splintering.

How long do Coffee Wood Dog Chews last?

It depends how aggressively your dog chews. If your dog has chewed it down to a size that can be swallowed
whole or if your powerful chewer breaks off any pieces, we recommend replacing the chew. Always supervise
your dog during chew time.

Does Coffee Wood contain caffeine?

Only the coffee fruit and beans contain caffeine. The wood is 100% free of chemicals and caffeine.

How do I know what size chew to get for my dog?

We recommend chew sizes based on a dog's weight. But, you know your dog best. Too small could pose a
choking hazard. Too large may not be enjoyable for your dog. If in doubt, always go a size up.