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Pawfriction Kit for Senior Dogs

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PawFriction is a revolutionary paw pad coating system that increases traction, improves stability and enhances your dog’s quality of life.  PawFriction is a veterinarian-recommended paw pad coating for dogs that have difficulty standing and walking on smooth floors. The friction coating enhances your dog’s downward leg force by preventing slipping and splay-legging.  With PawFriction, you can apply a coating that improves your dog’s paw’s grip, reduces their risk of injury, builds muscle tone, and adds confidence.  

PawFriction was developed by a veterinarian and is completely non-toxic. The PawFriction coating will not damage floors and is very difficult for your dog to remove or destroy.

Recommended for:

Aging pets, as mobility is life. Dogs with Muscle loss, arthritis, orthopedic/neurologic issues, and general aging which can cause dogs to have significant mobility problems, especially on hardwood and other smooth floors.

PawFriction was created to give your senior dog a new lease on life by giving them the ability and confidence to get around.  PawFriction immediately restores your dog's traction without the need for individual sizing or placing objects over the foot.