Tomlyn Nutri-Cal High-Calorie Dietary Kitten Supplement, 4.25-oz

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Tomlyn Nutri-Cal High-Calorie Dietary Kitten Supplement is the standard for a high energy nutritional supplement. Ideal for sick or picky eaters, it provides appetite stimulation and a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals.


To acquaint your kitten with the flavor, place a small amount of the gel on its nose or in its mouth. To supplement your kitten's caloric or nutritional intake feel 1/2 teaspoon daily. Store in a cool dry place!


  • Corn Syrup

  • Malt Syrup

  • Soybean Oil

  • Dicalcium Phosphate (Source of Calcium and Phosphate)

  • Cod Liver Oil, Water

  • Cane Molasses

  • Fish Solubles

  • Methylcellulose

  • Taurine

  • Choline Bitartrate

  • Manganese Sulfate

  • Niacin

  • Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)

  • Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

  • Calcium Pantothenate (Source of Calcium and Pantothenic Acid)

  • Ferric Ammonium Citrate

  • Sodium Chloride (Salt)

  • Riboflavin 5- Phosphate Sodium (Source of Vitamin B2 and Phosphorus)

  • Thiamine HCl

  • Pyridoxine HCl

  • Vitamin A Palmitate & D Supplement

  • Zinc Sulfate

  • Menadione Sodium Bisulfite

  • Inositol

  • Magnesium Sulfate

  • Potassium Iodine (Source of Iodine and Potassium)

  • Cobalt Sulfate

  • Copper Sulfate

  • Folic Acid, Biotin

  • Cyancobalamin (Vitamin B12)