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Rescue Awareness: Why You Need to Adopt Your Next Pet!

Rescue Awareness: Why You Need to Adopt Your Next Pet!


Rescue animal awareness is important. However, many people believe that they need a certain breed of dog and decide to go to a breeder to get a puppy. Maybe you want a puppy and do not believe that you can find a rescue dog that is young.

The truth is that dogs of all ages are looking to be rescued and given a forever home. Dogs of all breeds (purebred and mutts) need homes. There are local SPCAs overflowing with dogs. There are also breed specific rescues if you decide that you need a purebred dog.

There are so many reasons that you need to get a rescue dog today!

  • Getting a rescue dog saves their life! Many dogs are euthanized each year because shelters and rescues are overflowing with dogs. Often, there is nothing wrong with the dogs other than nobody wants them. So, save a dog today!
  • When you rescue a dog, you are not supporting puppy mills. Puppy mills are part of the problem of the overpopulation of dogs. Buying puppies only makes them breed their dogs more so that they can get more puppies and more money.
  • Unless you get a puppy, you do not have to deal with the puppy stage. You might get a dog that is already socialized and potty trained. They might already be used to children of all ages. Many of the dogs have basic manners when you receive them, depending on what the previous owner did with them.
  • Training can go a little easier, especially when they have already been started. If someone has already started training, it makes the whole process a little easier. Potty training and leash walking might be within reach (and soon)!
  • Rescue dogs are cheaper than puppies. Even with cheaper fees than purebred puppies, rescue dogs are often spayed or neutered. They are usually up to date on their vaccines also, which saves you some money in vet bills.
  • Rescue dogs tend to bond with their new owners. Often, neglected dogs are so overjoyed in finding a home and people who love them, they attach to them quickly. They often love to follow them around and spend time with them. They can make the best and happiest pets!
  • Often, unless you get a puppy, you will know what kind of personality that your dog has. With puppies, you can’t guarantee what your adult dog will act like. Instead, when you rescue an older dog, he already has a personality and behaviors. You can decide exactly what you want in a dog and find it.

Rescuing a dog can be beneficial for many reasons. You can decide what traits you want in a dog and find them. You do not have to deal with the messy puppy stage (unless you want one)! The dogs will also come to you fixed and vaccinated. They will have some basic training and socialization. Contact us so that you can give your rescue dog the best care possible!