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Doggy Dental Health

Doggy Dental Health

It is no surprise to owners that dogs can develop some pretty bad breath. After all, a dog’s mouth is warm and moist, making it a perfect home for bacteria and toxins to grow. Most bacteria is normal, but once plaque and tartar develops, a door to more serious diseases can open. Luckily, knowing a few tips and practicing good oral hygiene on your pup can help prevent dental diseases and promote overall good health.

Since dogs cannot care for their own teeth, it is important for owners to brush their dog's teeth daily. However, if teeth-brushing is too difficult to squeeze into your schedule every day, brushing 3 to 4 times a week should do the trick. Human toothbrushes can get the job done without any harm, so long as the brush is soft and the appropriate size for the dog’s mouth. We sell options, too, that are shaped so that it makes the job easier for you (and not so stressful for them).  On the other hand, human toothpaste should be avoided at all costs. It’s crucial your dog is given a canine toothpaste that is safe for swallowing and ingesting. The types we carry will also offer a flavor that will be more appealing to your pup, so they won’t mind the daily ritual quite as much.

Other ways to maintain your pup’s oral hygiene is by giving them chew toys and feeding them dry kibble. Dry kibble helps scrape food and bacteria off teeth, whereas canned food can easily hide in crevices. If your dog prefers canned food, simply rotate their wet food with the dry kibble or buy a dental chew toy that they’ll enjoy gnawing on while their teeth reap the benefits.

Lastly, make sure your dog becomes comfortable with humans handling his mouth and muzzle. This will allow you to frequently check on the status of his health, as well as allow veterinarians to perform successful check-ups. Whenever he is your lap, just run your finger over his mouth and gums.

Dogs, especially when adults, are pretty susceptible to severe dental diseases. Fortunately there are several actions, toys and dental treats that you can build into your dog’s routine for a happy, healthy life!