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Choosing a Supplement for Your Dog

Choosing a Supplement for Your Dog

Dietary supplements are a great way to help any pet maintain a balance of nutrients. If you are looking for supplements or other pet supplies in Austin, Healthy Pet has a lot of great options for dog dietary supplements, but no matter where you live, it is important to keep these tips in mind when looking for supplements for your dog.

Always Check the Ingredients

Always make sure to check the ingredients for any supplements you are looking at using for your pet. This is especially true for dogs with allergies. For dogs with allergies, some supplements may do more harm than good when it comes to the ones that include ingredients your dog might be allergic to. Even for dogs without allergies, the list of ingredients can be a clear sign of the quality of the supplements. Most pets will absorb the nutrients better if the supplement is a concentration of the vitamins and minerals from food, rather than lab manufactured.

Should I Get Chewable Supplements or Pills?

The answer to this question always comes down to your particular dog. However, most dogs prefer the chewable options, especially if they are older or have medical conditions that require multiple pills a day. There are also other supplement options to keep in mind such as oils, flakes, and powders that can be added to your dog's food. No matter what version of supplement you use, the point is to get your dog a balance of nutrients. So, choose an option that works the best for you and your dog.

Match the Supplement to Your Dog's Lifestyle and Age

At different ages and activity levels, different dogs need more of different supplements. For example, a dog that goes on multiple mile runs daily with his owner will need more joint supplements than a dog who is a couch potato. In addition, a senior dog will need different nutrients to maintain body functions than a growing puppy. When in doubt, a multivitamin is a good choice for nearly any dog, but think about your dog and how he spends his days for more exact supplements for him.

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