Orijen Six Fish Cat 12 oz.

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Orijen Six Fish Cat 12 oz.

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Orijen 6 fish cat is a premium blend cat food created with six different types of Flounder, salmon and Herring. This cat food is designed to put protein First, because that's what cats need. Other, cheaper brands of cat food include fillers such as corn, wheat and soy. Cats cannot digest these fillers adequately and often end up without the proper nutrition. Orijen does not contain any fillers: all it contains is what a cat needs for a healthy and balanced diet. All of the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that cats would receive through their natural diets is included in orijen 6 fish cat. This cat food has a high emphasis on protein with limited amounts of carbohydrate, which makes it ideal for cats that are struggling with their weight. Fresh fruits, vegetables and grasses round out this impressive premium cat food, and provide precious antioxidants to give a cat's immune system a boost.


Fresh flounder (22%), fresh pacific pilchard (22%), fresh rock sole (19%), fresh rockfish (18%), fresh pacific mackerel (15%), fresh pacific hake (4%).

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude proteinĀ 58%

Fat content 22%

Crude fiber 1%

Moisture 5%